How to Boost your immune system by Dr.Robertson M.D

Recently Dr.Rob Robertson  M.D has sent me an article and i decided to post it here

who is DR .Rob?

Doctor Rob Robertson M.D. is a former Emergency Room Physician who partnered his future with 4Life™ because of his excitement about Transfer Factor™. Dr. Robertson attended the University of Louisville School of Medicine. He served from 1977 to 1994 as the Director of Emergency Services at Western Baptist Hospital in Paducah, Kentucky.

here is what he wrote regarding swine flu:

Startling news is breaking hourly about a new, mutated strain of the H1 N1 influenza virus, which was first reported in Mexico. The virus, common in pigs, has mutated so that it now has the ability to infect humans and is transmitted by contact or by coughing and sneezing.

The mutated H1 N1 strain has never been seen before. Therefore, human immune systems don’t have the ability to recognize it. This leaves the human population vulnerable to developing what has been referred to as “Swine Flu”. Health authorities are already sounding alarms about the very real possibility of the swine flu reaching epidemic or possibly pandemic proportions. (A pandemic illness is one, which spreads over a wide geographic area and affects a large proportion of the population.) The 1918 “Spanish Flu” was a pandemic of Biblical proportions and caused an estimated 50,000,000 deaths worldwide with over 500,000 of those being in the United States.


While there are now antiviral medications available, which weren’t yet discovered in 1918, if the numbers of cases began to reach the level of the 1918 pandemic, it is recognized that the supply of medication wouldn’t be sufficient to treat the vast majority of those who became infected. There are several precautions, which one can take to hopefully not contract the swine flu, which include frequent washing of hands, keeping the hands away from the face, coughing or sneezing into a tissue, which should be disposed of, and the avoidance of crowds in any area where the illness has been reported. Research scientists also recognize that the best defense against contracting any illness, including viral illnesses such as influenza, is to have a healthy, vital and responsive immune system.

A simple thing that everyone can do is take Transfer Factors. Transfer Factors have the ability to augment one’s immune system’s responsiveness through stimulation of our first line of defense, natural killer cells. Recent research has also revealed that Transfer Factors positively affect our humoral immune system, which produces antibodies against invading pathogens. The consumption of Transfer Factors during this potential pandemic of the swine flu would appear to be a reasonable and recommended course of action to best avert what could possibly be an infection with high morbidity and mortality. for more information about Transfer Factor watch this video How to boost your immune system with Transfer Factor.


seven tips for boosting immune system against viral infection like swine flu

Everyone knows methods to treat and stop the standard influenza, but now with the expansion of swine flu we’ve a to be prepared and take some cares steps, in this article I am going to offer you some commonsense tips to dodge the influenza, and an information about dietary supplements that help to strengthen your immune system defense.
When you mix these dietary supplement with the technique I am about to share, you will be prepared for any flu that may comes your way.

Let’s start with the commonsense tips, try avoiding getting into crowded places especially the one that attract visitors like night club and bars because been into those places at this time your chance of getting swine flu will be higher.
If you are like me who spend 4 or 5 times a week in a gym, make efforts to spray the plant before using them, most gymnasium provide those kind of spray cleaning free for their members to use.
Now for the supplements, I know the general public think that eating healthy and playing sport is satisfactory keep their immune system working well. Let me tell you this is going to be a very faulty statement, most food we eat is either process or the soil that produced the food isn’t fertilize enough due to environment and location so taken supplements is as critical as feeding yourself.

Here are the best options you can do to help boosting immune system against the swine flu:
1.Take higher dosages of Vitamin C, The advice is to dramatically raise your consumption at the 1st sign you may feel that you have had exposure to the influenza.

2.Drink green tea or take green tea extract tablets, except for its benefit as an antioxidant, some research has demonstrated the the polyphenols inside green tea have strong anti-flu properties.

3.Taken vitamin E is also as crucial as taken vitamin C a clinical study shows that there may be a link between vitamin E and a reduced duration and seriousness of flu symptoms.

4.Use spice in your food like turmeric. The active ingredient in turmeric called Curcumin it has both anti-viral and anti-oxidant properties to help body ward off any viral infections. Also it helps modulate the inflammation reply and reduce the possibility that your immune system mechanism may over react with inflammatory defenses.

5.I like taken Protein shaker especially after my exercise to help my body get recovered fast .when you exercise your immune system will go down, the necessary amino acids in protein shaker will directly boosts glutathione levels in your bloodstream. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that immediately supports your immune system. When you increased the levels of glutathione it will directly increases your immune system capability to battle off infections and illness.

6.Another alternative to protein is the amino acids L-Glutamine, you will find it selling at local health store either as a powder or a tablets. When you mix L-Glutamine powder with vitamin C in any juice or drink then you have just made a very healthy immune booster drink.

7.This is the best and the Royal of all immune system booster supplements its called Transfer Factor this molecule that extracted purely from Colostrum which is the 1st milk that Cow produce to feed her new born calve, has been showing that the information inside Transfer Factor of the 1st cow milk can help buttress our immune system to over 400% to learn more about Transfer factor I recommend you to visit the above site where there’s a video explain everything about Transfer Factor and why taken Colostrum alone to boost our immune system is terribly bad and we should only consider taken the removed Transfer Factor from inside Colostrum.

These are the seven options you may use to boost your immune system to learn more watch this video How to strengthen your immune system it will help you to be prepared against any flu and not just Swine flu.